Making money with vending can hardly be easier

A good product, a fair price, clear visibility, sufficient traffic.
Vending can be a highly profitable business, given the right combination of parameters.

Then again, the operational aspects of vending are often underestimated.
Investment in stocks, outdated stocks, empty machines, refilling… and a lot of mileage and time to keep things up and running.

That's where the PennyMaster makes a huge difference. Because there is no product involved.
People bring their own coins and convert these into pressed pennies. All by themselves.

The consequences are crystal clear: no investment in stocks, no outdated stocks, no empty machines,
no refills, no logistics. It gives your PennyMaster business an extremely short return-on-investment horizon,
unequalled in the vending market.

The PennyMaster is usually exploited on the basis of a revenue-sharing program
with the location. We will be happy to share our expertise and advise you how to
create a profitable win-win cooperation with your customers

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