Creating your own souvenir is so much more fun

The PennyMaster attracts a wide audience, age 7 to 77. In spite of the high pressure that is required to convert a coin into a pressed penny, the PennyMaster is safe, fun and very easy to use.

In fact, the whole process takes only 3 simple steps to complete:

  1. Select the engraving of your choice by turning the crank handle
  2. Put in 1 Euro + 5 Eurocents
  3. Turn the crank handle about 4-5 times

Your pressed penny is ready!

Every PennyMaster is equipped with a clear instruction panel on how
to operate the machine. The instructions are given through both images
and texts in the language(s) of your choice.

Probably the best feature of the PennyMaster is that the customer
creates his souvenir all by himself and can follow the process with his
own eyes through the transparent cabinet.

It actually turns the purchase of a souvenir into a fun activity!

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