Are you looking for trouble?

We don’t think so. Neither are we when exploiting the PennyMaster for ourselves in our domestic market. 

That’s why we build our machines with only the best materials and with a meticulous eye for construction details. Thus ensuring the highest possible level of trouble-free and continuous operation.
From historic windmills to the world famous waterworks, Dutch engineering is built to last.
The PennyMaster is no exception to that.

Every machine that leaves our workshop comes fully assembled, inspected and ready to operate.
The PennyMaster is CE approved, delivered with a Declaration of Conformity and accompanied by
an easy-to-use service manual.

We can equip each PennyMaster with up to 3 different engravings and we can tailor the machine
for you in color and graphic design. So as to optimally match the location where the machine will be stationed.

The PennyMaster does not require electrical power and can be fitted with wheels in order to easily
move it inside after opening hours if required.

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